Best six media industry leaders 2020

By Henri Pearson, 12th February 2020

Yvonne Bauer, Bauer Media Group

Bauer Media is a media conglomerate established by Yvonne's father who after he passed left her as the controlling shareholder of the german based firm.

Credit: Forbes

Martin Sorrel, Media Monks

Martin Sorrell was the founder of multi-billion dollar firm WPP, he has now established media monks a new successful agency based in the Netherlands.

Credit: The Drum

Sumner Redstone, Viacom

Sumner Redstone is the controlling shareholder of Viacom which incorporates CBS, Nickelodeon and more, the firm promotes talent on a global scale.

Ashley Tabour, Global

The tabour family are extremely successful, Ashley takes after his dad. They run Global FM which is the largest radio and outdoor media firm in the UK.

Credit: Global Media

Bob Iger, Dinsey

Bob Iger is the CEO of Disney, he is responsible for the growth of Disney's global operations, he has signed million dollar contracts with members of the royal family for Disney promotion and continues to increase Disney profits.

Credit: Walt Disney Company

Bob Pitman, IHeart Media/MTV

He's the CEO of America's largest radio network, and manages MTV the most popular teen's television channel in the world. The network has seen some of the biggest and most successful presenters in the world such as Conan O'Brien.

Mark McCormack, IMG

McCormack is famous for starting from his room and building a $200 million sports empire which continues to grow at rapid pace contracting talent in predominately the sports industry.

Contact me if you think differently about thins ranking.....

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