Should festivals move online or will it destroy festivals?

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

By Henri Pearson, 1st April 2020

Live streaming could be taking over festivals with more organisers working with online streaming services but make festivals and other major outdoor events like Glastonbury, Coachella, Tomorrow Land commercially reliant on search engines or the online streaming providers.

The Isle of Wright was one of the first major festivals in the United Kingdom to move online streaming there festival via YouTube (Isle of Wright, Youtube 2019) and on satellite television, one of Sky’s major channels, the festival has over one hundred thousand visitors it gave them the opportunity to increase their viewers and audience engagement of keen festival goers but did it make them more reliant on the internet and the commercial revenue model of the internet or live streamers.

Credit: Tomorrow Land, Production Park

Edinburgh Fringe Festival has also taken steps to move online giving the deaf and disabled that are unable to access the festival the chance to take part through online streaming via their website, Glastonbury traditionally has had television coverage new outlets always cover the headline acts its rights are currently held by the BBC for live streaming but this could change as the more competitive streaming providers get both Apple and Amazon are investing in to streaming services (Glastonbury 2019).

Credit: Gunwharf Quays, Wave 105 FM

The more festivals are reliant on streaming providers the more commercialised they get the more they take away the arts, creativity and the sense of purpose for the customers to replace them with corporate branding, corporate rights and a sole purpose of making money festivals also become globalised and less diverse.

Credit: The Jacksons, Bestival, Isle of Wright

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