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By Henri Pearson, 14th Jan 2019

1. Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, home to caribou, mousse, bears, lakes full of pike and the famous northern lights. The main cathedral in Helsinki is famous for its age dating back to the 19th century, there are plenty of nice hotels with warms swimming baths and wooden lodges as you leave the capital and explore the forests and bike up the mountains. For more go to

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its Gaudi art gardens, the rambles – famous streets just off from the food markets, the docks are beautiful and to get across the city you can travel by trams, the city is home to one of the most famous football clubs in the world Barcelona FC.

3. Paris

The Eifel Tower stands tall in the square of Paris offering views over the capital of France, Arc De Triompe is also a significant land mark is the city, it’s home to some of the best restaurants in the world, you can eat snails and frogs legs if that what you’re into eating or you can shop until you drop in some of most famous shops, home to some of the most famous brands in the world. Visit

4. London

London is the financial capital of the world, you can visit 10 downing street, the houses of parliament “aka big ben”, the London Eye, Tower bridge, the Olympic Park Stadium, the viewing tower at the Shard, shop in Covent Garden or down Oxford Street or perhaps stay in the most luxuries parts of the world Mayfair or if you’re back packing there are some luxury hostels too. For more go to

5. Leeds

Leeds is European city 2023, Leeds is located in the north of England and it’s also becoming a financial hub, it’s home to a Russell Group university, Royal Armouries museum, Victoria gate shopping provides a fantastic day out if you’re into you designer clothes, the city hosts events on all corners and works with its regional partners to stay green, it’s also home to the largest local government in the UK.

6. Dublin

Dublin the capital of Ireland, you will not be displeased, the city is home to world famous Guinness factory, the university is famous for producing world renown surgeons, the castle is home to St Patricks cathedral and it embraces Irish heritage. For more on the city visit

7. York

York is a medieval city, famous for its nestles and roundtrees factory plus the chocolate, you can go for afternoon tea at betty’s tea rooms, you can shop down some old the oldest streets in the UK, walk around the famous castle walls or take a boat down the River Ouse. It falls sharp behind other medieval cities including Oxford, Canterbury, Cambridge, Lincoln and Warwick.

1. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps, home to the world-famous red-light district, small waterways and tramlines the city is more than a weekend away, it is legal to smoke cannabis in the country at the local coffee shops visited by Snoop Dogg, Rhianna and other major music artists, you can take small river boats around the city’s waterways or visit the famous Anne Frank museum which is located inside her house.

1. Madrid

Madrid is the capital of Spain, home to the king of Spain and his royal family, El Retiro Park, Cibeles Fountain. The country at times can reach 40 degrees during the summer periods so prepare sunscreen. For more

1. Manchester

Manchester is home to Media City UK, Trafford Centre, both Manchester City, Manchester United the biggest Premiere League clubs and some of the biggest football clubs in the world, 2.8 million live there, the city trams are impressive and the vibrant area provides plenty of night life.

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